Feb 26 sunrise Ridge House

Our Story

Gary Wallis, a geologist and keen bushwalker has owned the property since 1975 when he bought the land on which Eagle Rock stands. A working cattle farm, Gary built Eagle Rock in 2014 on the highest point of the property out of local turquoise bearing shale rock. Eagle Rock enjoys magnificent farm, bush and Promontory views in a peaceful, secluded location. 

In 1975 Gary brought a rural retreat of 84 acres of bushland and pasture, which includes the hill on which Eagle Rock accommodation stands. The house was built out of the local turquoise bearing shale rock in 2014.

Wilsons Prom and Fish Creek Accommodation

Over the years additional forest and pasture was acquired to create the current 220acre property.

A third of the cattle farm is Trust for Nature Covenanted native vegetation, habitat for abundant wildlife, so drive carefully up the kilometre-long driveway! We are 4km south of Fish Creek on the main road to Wilsons Promontory National Park!

In December 2019 it was decided to share this magnificent location with guests. The two bedrooms and lounge at the northern end of the house is now the relaxing and exclusive retreat, Eagle Rock Bed and Breakfast.